July 2014

What would you like to win in Loralyn Designs August 2014 Giveaway?

August 2014 Jewelry Giveaway Choices

Help decide what the prize should be for Loralyn Designs next giveaway!

I know we just ended our last giveaway but I am already looking ahead to the next one. This time, I would love your help in deciding what the prize should be.   After all, you may win!  


Giveaway Winner!


How to Choose the Right Necklace Chain Length

Necklace Chain Length Reference Chart

Necklace Chain Reference Chart

Does this sound familiar? 

You go on the internet and search and search for the right necklace.  You finally find "the one" and order it.   You love it so much that you can't wait until it arrives.  When it does, opening the box makes you feel like a kid unwr