How to Choose the Right Necklace Chain Length

Necklace Chain Length Reference Chart

Necklace Chain Reference Chart

Does this sound familiar? 

You go on the internet and search and search for the right necklace.  You finally find "the one" and order it.   You love it so much that you can't wait until it arrives.  When it does, opening the box makes you feel like a kid unwrapping a birthday present.  Then you try and put it on and the chain is much shorter than you thought.  You think to yourself.. "I can't wear this!".  Reluctantly you return the necklace as this was the only length chain offered.


The Solution

Take some time to figure out which chain length you would prefer before buying.  This can be tough especially over the internet so hopefully this will help: 



Tips on buying the right necklace chain lengths:

1.  Ask yourself:  What size chain do I (or the person I am gifting) normally wear? 

  • If you have a necklace you love, measure the length.
  • Buying for someone else?  Here are some tips:
    • 16" necklace chains on women hit around the colar bone
    • 18" is the most popular womens length
    • Mens necklace lengths typically start at 20"

2.  Think of the types of outfits either you will wear it with or the person you are gifting wears.

At Loralyn Designs, when you find the perfect pendant, you choose the necklace chain length.  If a length you desire isn't listed, no worries, custom lengths are always an option. Just drop me a note.

Hope this helps!