Black Leather Bracelet for Man - Magnetic Closure



Simple Black Leather Bracelet for Man

The 3/8" wide black leather band can be ordered to fit your wrist up to 10". If no length is denoted at time of order, the bracelet will ship at 7". No worry about frays, the leather on this bracelet is beautifully finished with smooth sides, a slight gloss on the top and matte back. Included on the bracelet are 3 slide discs. The two side antique silver discs feature a black spiral pattern. The center slide features a stainless steel disc that surrounds a metallic blue and black marbled pattern. The marbled pattern will vary slightly on each bracelet as the color is hand blended and each bracelet is handmade.

Each end is finished with an antique silver finding that includes a strong magnetic closure. That's right, no more fidgeting to close you bracelet, just touch and go!