Everyday Silver and Black Layered Oval Earrings



Modern Silver and Black Layered Oval Earrings

Looking for that pair of earrings that you can wear to the office or at night? Look no further!
The dangles are made from 3 different ovals materials:
1. Outer Ring: Rounded black (1" long)
2. Middle: A dull rounded gray
3. Center: Shiny, flat silver oval
Holding them together are 2 silver oval rings attached to a stainless steel earring wire.  These earrings come packed in a small silver tin with a clear top window. Great for gift giving!



Benefits of Stainless Steel Earring Wires

Stainless steel jewelry is rust-resistant and durable. Unlike silver, it will not corrode and it is not susceptible to scratches, dings or dents. Stainless is also a great alternative for people that have skin reactions with other types of metals.