Punk Rock Black Leather and Silver Bracelet for Women



This unique 7 1/2 inch womens black leather bracelet is a wonderful blend of victorian, punk and gothic style.  Each of the bracelet sides are 3/8" wide with inset grommets.  The center, connected with stainless steel oval links, features and ornate gunmetal steel filigree measuring 1 1/4" tall x 1 3/4" wide.   Layered ontop is a stainless steel disc which frames a gorgeous (and fully customizable) metallic color blend.  Shown in Dark Pink/Magenta (PK3).  As each bracelet is handmade, the marble in each color blend will vary slightly from shown.

At the end of the bracelet is a handmade stainless steel hook that fits nicely (and easily) into the grommet on the other side. 

OVER 20 COLORS AVAILABLE!  Check out all your options (see the last picture of this listing).