How I organized my jewelry studio for under $50!

Last year, my husband and I turned what would be our kitchen table area into my jewelry studio.   A space away from my workbench where I can focus on design, finish work and fullfilling orders.  Since we have an open floor plan, it enables me to work and be with my family at the same time.  One drawback, it is a very visible area so it needs to be neat and closing the door here!  As time went on and the business grew, I began to outgrow the space, at least so I thought...  

There I was on the internet searching for the right kind of organizational items.   I liked the acrylic boxes with removable trays I bought from AC Moore so decided to use those as a jumping off point but stacking them (I was at 5 tall and needed more) wasn't working.   Let's see there were office mailbox slot dividers, the Martha Stewarts Cube shelf organizer, ooooh Home Goods had some great items... but I wanted something more economical and easy to match if I ever expanded.  Finally, in Target I found a shoe organizer on clearance for $8....perfect!  Bought 2.

So with my new shoe organizers, more acrylic trays, various size small acrylic round stackables (AC Moore as well) and my label maker, I went to work.  

TIP:  Behind my workspace, I keep a folded pegboard which is easily removable to use for exhibits and shows.  Love this piece!  Partly because I remember my mom using it at craft shows when I was growing up but also because it is soooo handy, doubling as a home display piece and inspirational board.

Step 1:  Relocated current wall decor and opened up pegboard.  Grabbed some more pegs leftover from my workbench, and some scrap wood to create a few shelves.

Step 2:  Removed everything from my table, put shoe organizers together and set on table.

Step 3:  Organized all jewelry components into piles that made sense for my work.  I did this on a card table.   I found a lot of items had migrated their way upstairs from my workbench...back they went!

Step 4:  Decided what went in the acrylic round stackables (smaller items like beads and jump rings) and which ones went into the acrylic trays with removable bins.  This was the most time-consuming portion for me. 

Step 5:  Then I started organizing...Made sure to label each outer bin (Ex:  Stainless Steel) and inner bin with where I purchased the item, description of item and item # for reorder.  This has proven to be so helpful! 

Step 6:  Created a space for an inbox and outbox.  I happen to have these trays from an old office setup (bottom right).

Step 7:  Went back to make sure all other spaces are organized.  For example, I used the space under the table to organize all my shipping supplies from labels to tape, boxes, tags, bags etc... Over time it had become a bit messy so I went back and reorganized.

The test is does it help?  Well, I have been using it now for 4 weeks and I have to say absolutely yes!   Everything is easier to find and easy to put away which gives me more time to focus on production, creation and marketing. It may be a cliche but uncluttering your space really does help unclutter your mind!