Why Loralyn Designs took a year off from social media

Introducing Jake, the newest member of the Loralyn Designs family!

Admittedly, most people would find it strange that a small business owner would take time off from social media.  But I did and nothing bad happened.  As the weeks wore on, I realized more and more how wonderful it was to focus on real life basics rather than distractions related to planning the next post or setting up for a new picture. 


Why did I take a break from social media?

This was not a social experiment or a way to make up a big story.  The reason is simple: In November of 2014, my husband and I were overjoyed to find out “we” were pregnant.   All of a sudden I found myself reprioritizing my life.

Like most entrepreneurs starting out, I wore many hats.  Sometimes I was the designer; other times saleswoman, purchaser, shipper, accountant, etc.  All work was done at night or on the weekends since I also had a very demanding full time corporate job which I really enjoyed.  After careful consideration, looking at my list of priorities and the time they took, social media seemed to make the most sense to put on the side burner.   This was not an easy decision as I love connecting with my customers and sharing new products, thoughts and ideas.

Thankfully business continued to grow.  So successfully that later into my pregnancy I was able to quit my day job and work full time on Loralyn Designs.  A few months later my little boy Jake was born.   My life has done a total 180 and I am now a stay at home mom running her own business and loving every minute of it.  My husband runs his own consulting business from home and helps out with Loralyn Designs when he has time.  It is amazing that we both get to be home with our son. 

So why am I back on social media? 

Jake is now 5 months old and I miss connecting with my customers!  Although posts may not be as frequent as they used to be, I am making my way back online.  Most importantly, thank you to everyone that has helped Loralyn Designs blossom.