Fame at first bite: 'Vampire Diaries' picks work of Marlborough jewelry maker

By Chris Bergeron/DAILY NEWS STAFF
Posted Dec 23, 2012

MARLBOROUGH —Self-taught artisan Laura King is marketing her distinctive hand-crafted jewelry for "girls with an edge, rock ’n’ roll guys’’ and vampire hunters.

Less than a year after starting her own line of jewelry, the Marlborough resident recently learned a Celtic Cross pendant she designed will be worn by a character in a coming episode of the popular television series "The Vampire Diaries."

Made from stainless steel, the pendant bears the Celtic eternity knot design with King’s signature azure blue focal in its center.

"It’s phenomenal to get this kind of visibility,’’ said King. "I’ve been a huge fan of the show for a long time. It’s unbelievable so many people will be seeing my work.’’

The founding owner of Loralyn Designs, she learned a new character named Vaughn, played by Charlie Bewley, will be wearing her stainless steel Celtic Cross pendant beginning in episode 13 which is expected to run in January or February in the show, which airs on The CW television network.

Bewley’s character is one of the Five Hunters in the award-winning show about a teenage girl who fell in love with a 162-year-old bloodsucker and became a vampire.

The story of how King’s jewelry was selected for the show has as many twists and surprises as some of the show’s plots.

Leigh Leverett, a designer on the show, received the pendant as part of a gift bag initiative organized by The Artisan Group, an art promotions and celebrity gifting company to which King belongs. In November group founder Valerie Guerrero sent the bag with items from 80 of its 600 members to Leverett who decided to use it in the show, now in its fourth season.

When King learned of the chance to show her jewelry to a "Vampire Diaries" staffer, she designed the Celtic Cross pendant to be something that would appeal to a centuries-old vampire and contemporary wearers.

For King, who began making jewelry last February while resting a sore back, placing her work on a popular television show has provided an encouraging jolt of confidence.

"I’ve always like crafts. I’ve been working with my hands all my life. I was resting at home for a couple of weeks and started browsing magazines and making jewelry I saw in them. I just picked up pieces and put them together. It just clicked,’’ she said.

Like vampires, King has most of her fun at night.

During the day, she works full time in Rhode Island as a project manager for a national retail company.

She attributed her manual dexterity to her mother, Marilyn King, who encouraged "crafting and creativity at an early age’’ when she was growing up in Sudbury and taught her "the beauty of handmade items’’ from sewing, painting, home decorations and jewelry.

Later, while living by herself in Worcester, King taught herself carpentry, sheet rocking and other skills to maintain her house.

She has a carpenter’s workbench in the basement and a jeweler’s table in the living room of house she shares in Marlborough with her husband Evan who is not a vampire and works as general manager of a violin shop. "It’s really a second full time job,’’ she said.

In less than a year, King has made nearly one hundred designs of jewelry for Loralyn Designs which she sells through Denault Studios Gallery in Maynard, Pine Swamp Place in Smithfield, R.I., and via the popular crafters website www.etsy.com. People can also follow King’s work at www.Facebook.com/loralyndesigns and www.Twitter.com/Loralyndesigns1.

King’s line includes pendants, earrings, bracelets, key chains and ornate pins from charms that resemble miniature tools to a silver snowflake ornament.

While she’s ecstatic to have her work showcased on "The Vampire Diaries," King stressed the design can to appeal to a wide range of people – not just the undead.

She described her jewelry’s design as a fusion of "industrial, rock 'n' roll and gothic style’’ that is perfect for people looking for "an affordable, simple but unique, edgy piece of jewelry for themselves or a gift for a friend.’’

"I described my items as having a hint of Goth but have to admit marketing to "The Vampire Diaries" isn’t exactly what I had in mind,’’ said King. "What an amazing opportunity right at the holidays!’’

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