Medieval Stainless Steel Mens Cuff Bracelet



Medieval Stainless Steel Mens Cuff Bracelet

Featured on the 1/2" wide stainless steel cuff is an ornate sword cutout pattern. This warrior frame surrounds a rope pattern stainless steel circular ring that frame a blend of metallic orange and black. The orange and black  marbled pattern will vary slightly from shown on each bracelet since it is molded by hand. The stainless steel band is shaped by hand to fit a 7" wrist. The size can be adjusted by pulling apart or pinching in the ends of the cuff.


Benefits of Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel jewelry is rust-resistant and durable. Unlike silver, it will not corrode and it is not susceptible to scratches, dings or dents. Stainless is also a great alternative for people that have skin reactions with other types of metals.