As seen on The Vampire Diaries Medieval Arrowhead Necklace Gothic Filigree Design


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This unique necklace is both tribal and medieval in style.  The chiseled pewter arrowhead pendant is 2" tall, 1/4" thick and at the top 1" wide.  It is delicately wrapped with an ornate steel filigree then topped off with a metallic green and black resin framed in stainless steel.  The back of the arrowhead features a larger stainless steel frame hand filled with the same color blend.  The marbled design on the color blend will vary slightly on each pendant since each is handmade.

The pendant comes on a 2mm leather necklace chain (18" shown) hanging from a designed series of three stainless steel jump rings.

This piece was designed for and gifted to the wardrobe stylist of The Vampire Diaries for consideration of use on Season 5 and they chose to use it!  It was worn by traveler Maria on Episode 21 which aired May 8th, 2014!